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Rent a Website Technical Information

Here we’ll explain what happens next, and share any information which will help you to better understand the Rent a Website packages and the website we have designed for you.

You’ll have got the picture by now that we want to help and support our customers as much as we can, so I’m sure this resource will develop over time.

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We currently have three support pages for you:

Rent a Website Q&A

Rent a Website Tutorials

Rent a Website Backup

Do please let us know if there is anything else we should add which could help you or other Rent a Website customers.

This is what usually happens in the Rent a Website design process:

1.  You send us a brief of your website requirements (via email);

2. We look at the best options and send you a quote (via email);

3. If you are happy with that quote, we arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in more depth;

4. Once the details are agreed, we email you a full website proposal;

5. You pay the deposit once you’re totally happy and want us to go ahead;

6. We send you some design ideas and proposed layout (Home Page design and an outline of other pages); if we’re designing your logo, we send you three logo options designed from your brief and our meeting;

7. Once you’re happy with the website design (up to 3 design revisions are included), you send us the website text (unless you’ve arranged to use our copywriting services);

8. We start building the site once we have your text and you have signed off the designs, agreeing for us to begin the build;

9. You pay the balance of your up-front fee upon completion or 8 weeks from the date of deposit (sites normally take about 10 working days to complete, depending on your time and availability).


Send us your brief, and

let’s make the website you’re dreaming of into a reality.